• Pet Insurance Vs. Auto Liability Pet Coverage

    Pet coverage helps to ensure that your furry or feathery friends’ medical bills are paid for, should anything happen to them. There are a couple of ways to financially protect pets: pet insurance and auto pet injury liability coverage. Both of these types of coverage will help to provide medical care in case of a pet injury, but they do so in different ways and under different conditions. The following distinctions may help you decide which type of insurance is right for you and your pet.

    Pet Insurance

    Basic pet insurance isn’t too complicated: you pay an insurance company, and they pay up to a certain amount or a percentage of your pet’s future veterinary bills. Pet insurance isn’t offered by any of the more well-known insurance companies, who mostly deal in life, home and auto insurance. To get pet insurance, you’ll need to contact a company which specifically caters to pets. The following are some good websites to give you a starting point:

    Auto Liability Pet Coverage

    Auto liability coverage will pay for injuries caused to the other driver’s pets in a collision if you are at fault. This type of insurance does not cover your pet at all. For insurance purposes, pets are considered to be personal property. This means that pet injuries are automatically covered by property damage liability insurance, which is a minimum requirement in almost all states. As long as you’re already driving legally by owning property damage liability insurance, you don’t need to worry about getting anything extra to protect someone else’s hurt pet.

    Protecting Your Pet in a Crash

    If you’re looking for something to add to your auto insurance policy instead of getting pet insurance, you may be out of luck. Again, pets are considered personal property, so you would want an insurance policy that covers your personal property even when you are at fault. This is a common exclusion in insurance policies, so be sure to specifically ask your insurance agent about whether or not your personal property is insured under all circumstances. The best way to cover your pet against a car accident is simply to get pet insurance from one of the previously mentioned companies.

    Getting Pet Insurance

    If you’ve decided to get pet insurance, you’ll need to contact an appropriate insurance company and research their policies. Be sure to read reviews first to get an idea of how they treat their customers. You should directly contact an insurance agent to inquire about specific items, such as what type of insurance you need so that your pet will be covered in case of a car accident. Contact multiple providers if you wish to compare quotes. After choosing your provider, a representative will walk you through the process of getting your pet insured.

    If it’s your own pet you want to cover, you need to get pet insurance to make sure that your pet is always protected. As far as auto liability coverage, you shouldn’t worry – minimum liability insurance already has other pets covered.