• Moving? Auto Insurance Information You Need

    For some, looking after auto insurance changes might be one of those things that falls through the cracks in a move, but paying attention to auto insurance information is very necessary anytime you’re changing locations. Get all of your information together ahead of time to avoid a lapse in coverage and some potentially hefty penalties. Here are some things you may need on hand.

    New Address

    When you are looking at getting a new auto insurance policy while moving out of state, or even just adjusting your current one for an in-state move, you’ll need the new zip code where your vehicle will be garaged. The insurance company needs this in order to calculate your new premium.

    Your Current Driving Record

    If you have any questions about marks that may be on your driving record, get access to this before moving. When the auto insurance company is calculating your new premium based on your new location, they will also take a look at your current risk assessment. Any DMV points or moving violations can affect your insurance rates, and you’ll want to know about them beforehand.

    Your Current Auto Insurance Policy Information

    You’ll want to have your current policy information on hand to compare costs between new insurers, or to contrast your changing bill with the same insurer. You’ll also need your policy number and other information in order to cancel your old policy after you get a new one in place.

    Information about Changes in Assets

    Another thing you may want to have on hand is documentation about any new assets that you own since your last auto policy was written. Changes in assets may mean that you will want to purchase additional liability insurance. Having the right amount of liability insurance helps protect you from lawsuits from third parties in the case of an accident.

    Information about Your Destination State

    All drivers who are negotiating auto policies should know that coverage is different in every U.S. state. The systems that are in place in your new state can have a huge impact on your premium calculations and what’s on your policy. Some states value driver risk differently. Minimum liability insurance is different in each state. Also, some states may require more extensive uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage depending on how well they keep tabs of their insured driver population. It will be handy to have this information when you are negotiating your new policy in your new home state.

    All of the above information can come in handy when drivers need to provide for updates in an auto policy during a move. It’s important to note that you cannot keep the same insurance plan when you move out of state, as policy writers write policies for a specific state. It’s incumbent on drivers and households to get a new policy before they cancel their old one, or they may find themselves uninsured with a lapse in auto insurance. Having a lapse can be a very big deal, so movers should take care to collect their information and get auto insurance to the top of their to-do list.