• Make a Letter Regarding Claiming Insurance for Your Car

    The first step in writing a letter regarding claiming insurance for your car is to organize the entire project. The main idea is to demonstrate to the third party insurance carrier that the claim needs to be settled. If you were injured or suffered other monetary losses besides damage to your vehicle, you must draft and then mail off a professional settlement demand letter. This letter will be the key point for the entire claim settlement offer and will be one of many documents that will need to be collected and then sent to the insurance company. The goal is to have the insurance letter drive home the point that this claim was their client’s fault and that they need to settle and settle now. Make sure that the demand letter is professional, precise and to the point, so that the information is not seen as attacking but more like a stern assertion.

    Getting It All Together

    Before the creation of the letter regarding claiming insurance for car damage the necessary documents must be gathered up. It is important to make copies of all the documentation, and arrange them in to separate headings. Headings can be sectioned to include claims and expenses. The most important aspect to recall while writing the demand letter is that the time frame is ticking down every day. There exists a statue of limitations that the insurance company lobbying coalition has successfully lobbied for. This is a normal and usually one year statute of limitations for filing an insurance demand letter to the insurance company. Please keep this in mind as it is easy to lose track the time.

    Certify the Letter

    Make sure to get the letter you have written certified. After all the documentation is placed in a file folder, mail it to the proper insurance company. Mail your settlement demand letter to the car insurance company via certified mail with return receipt.

    The insurance company’s job is to fight this every step of the way so do not be overly concerned when the insurance counters your statement. The scare tactics that the insurance company will attempt to utilize need not bothered you. The accident was the fault of their insured, and not you.