• International Auto Insurance: How to get the Best Rate

    Just as the name implies, international car insurance is to cover you in the event of an accident while driving a vehicle in a foreign country. Most comprehensive auto insurance will cover you if you are driving a vehicle that is not owned by you, but it probably does not cover you outside of the country. It might cover you in a neighboring country such as driving your car or a borrowed car into Canada or Mexico. You will need to review your current policy or contact your insurance provider or agent to be sure.

    Renting a Car

    Just as in the U.S, most rental companies abroad either include or will offer insurance coverage with the rental package. It is important to make sure this insurance covers the vehicle, the occupants and any personal possessions in the vehicle. It is advisable to make sure the insurance will also cover any legal costs in case there is a legal action resulting from any accident while operating the rented vehicle.

    Insurance Coverage for a Borrowed Car

    Just as purchasing non owner auto insurance if you do not own a car, purchasing coverage for driving a vehicle abroad is available. There will be fewer options, but the insurance companies that offer international car insurance are usually the larger insurance providers with the best rates. Many of the large insurance companies, if they do not offer international car insurance usually have associated companies they underwrite for or will connect you with one of the representatives.

    By advising the insurance company the countries you plan to operate a vehicle, the dates and amount of days away will be used to determine the fee for coverage. Your driving record might be required also. These policies are for personal driving and not if you are driving for business purposes. In that case the company you are representing is required obtain the insurance.

    Different countries have different requirements for auto insurance and the drivers if not a citizen or legal resident of their country. By discussing the countries you are planning to visit and drive a vehicle while there, the company will be able to inform you of what documentation is needed and restrictions for operating a vehicle in each country. Some countries require you to obtain the insurance in their country. This information will be provided to you while discussing your needs with the company offering international car insurance.

    Batching Coverages

    In most cases, if you are planning a trip abroad, you will want to purchase trip insurance, cancellation insurance, and medical insurances. Many of the international auto insurance providers can offer these other coverage’s and batch them together into one package. Obtaining all these needs into one policy will usually save you money since they are doing more than just covering one item.

    Coverages for International Auto Insurance

    Just as at home, you should buy a policy that covers all the same items with the same limits. The policy should contain liability, medical, property, collision and comprehensive insurance with limits high enough to cover any necessities. This should include legal representation. Being a visitor of a country without any financial ties to that country, detention or restricting your exit from the country might occur if you are involved in an accident. In this case, having needing an attorney will be needed.