• Insurance Claims: How Much Will My Car Insurance Offer Me

    When an accident arises, one may think how much will my car insurance offer me for an almost totaled vehicle. It is important to negotiate settlement options so that you will get the rightful amount for the vehicle. Auto insurance rates are paid by a variety of factors. The first being how much the vehicle is worth or the blue book value. NADA is one of the preferred sources for finding the book value of the covered vehicle and Kelley’s Blue Book is another great source for adjusters. Depending upon the coverage plans of the auto insurance policy, this is how the final payment will be processed. Answering the question on how much will my car insurance offer me in the event of an accident? This depends on many factors.

    The Auto Insurance Claim Check

    Car insurance companies lose whenever there is an accident and it is their responsibility to cut a check to the insured or the third party accident victim. The term “victim” is used since the auto insurance company is writing a check to them, which means they were not deemed at fault by a court of law. The demand letter that is sent from the auto insurance company demands information or payment in an auto insurance claim processing action. The amount of the car insurance settlement offer will be anywhere from the book value of the vehicle with pain and suffering, medical insurance  payments, loss of work, and a plethora of other things that will be thrown into the final check value. The most important thing to remember in asking how much will my car insurance offer me in a totaled accident occurrence is the book value plus whatever else coverage plan options were paid for and enforced at the time of the accident.