• How Your Car’s Year Affects Getting Insurance

    Getting insurance for a vehicle will depend largely upon what year, make and model the vehicle is. From classic car insurance to clunky, grungy antiques, the price of collision coverage premiums will vary widely.

    The Year Affects Safety

    In general, newer models of cars tend to be safer than older ones. The newer the model, the better technology available to make it safe–airbags, improved seat belt designs, and the like. The safer the car, the less likely the driver or passengers will be injured in a collision. Even if injuries do occur, they will likely be far less serious than they might have been in an older and less safe car. Since newer cars are lower risk and will probably end up costing insurance companies less in injury coverage. Therefore, the safety of the car directly relates to the cost of insurance.

    The Year Affects Value

    The year, make and model of cars changes how much they are worth, which in turn affects the cost of insurance coverage. Obviously, it would cost more to insure a perfect classic Ferrari than a 1988 Honda Civic. The make and model are the primary deciding factors, but the year plays a part as well: a 2010 Civic is worth more than the 1988 model.

    The year of your car helps to determine its value and plays an important role in deciding how safe it is, as well. Both of these factors will affect your ability to find car insurance and how much that insurance will cost you.