• How To Properly Write an Auto Insurance Settlement Demand Letter

    There may be times when you need to engage with an insurance company or motorist in order to initiate an auto insurance settlement after an accident. The claims settlement practices of the insurance company are governed by the laws of the state you live.

    In those rare instances when you have to request action, there are a few steps you should follow. Understand that writing a letter alone may not necessary yield desired results. You should contact the commissioner or superintendent of insurance in your state for information on the state’s fair claim settlement practices.

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    Gather Information

    Before you write a letter demanding settlement of an auto insurance claim, gather all applicable information. You need to detail information regarding the accident, the amount of loss and why the insurance company is financially responsible for the claim. Much of this information is provided in the vehicle accident report and is obtainable from the police station.

    Maintain original copies of the information send copies along with your demand letter to the insurer. You should always maintain the originals in the event that further verification is required or the insurance company claims they did not receive the documentation.

    Car Repair Costs

    Outline the repair costs associated with the accident. This information is in a mechanic or repair shop’s estimate /actual repair bill. Include any towing costs that were associated with the repair of the vehicle, if these costs were billed separately.

    Car Rental Fees

    During the time you waited for your car to be repaired, you may have rented a car. You should be sure to include the costs of the rental vehicle with your auto insurance claim demand letter. The costs associated with the vehicle rental should include gas, parking, insurance and other fees incurred during use. Be sure to mention that the costs were associated with the repair of your vehicle subject to the accident claim.

    Medical Costs

    If you were injured or required medical attention as a result of the accident, include any hospital bills and follow-up bills for any ongoing doctor visits. If you were prescribed medication that was related to an injury you incurred, include this cost as well. Medical costs can be expensive and should be covered as part of your auto insurance claim.