• How to Transfer Car Insurance In 3 Steps

    If the need arises to learn how to transfer car insurance then a few items should be covered. The first is the reason for the transferring of the vehicle. There are many reasons that fall under this category, with the most customary being the selling and purchasing of a car. The easiest way to see what steps are necessary to transfer the ownership and the insurance both ways is to have a guide.

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    Guide to the 3 Steps for Transferring Insurance

    The first step will be to have the title and registration documents in order. There can be no transferring of any vehicle without these two all-important documents, so plan ahead and make a file folder that can house these mandatory forms. Depending upon the transaction required, such as a new car purchase or a used car sale, this will dictate what other forms are required for the insurance transfer. Let’s go with a standard selling of the older vehicle that has been put out to pasture and the newer car that has been bought in its place.

    Transferring the Insurance From One Car to the Other

    The second step while under the process of learning how to transfer car insurance from one car to another will be to accumulate the title and bill of sale from the purchased vehicle. The transaction has occurred and the money has changed hands so now the vehicle is in the garage and looking sweet. The new title has been signed by both parties and the old registration and proof of insurance are safely inside a folder ready to go to the tag agency. The time has come to find out how to get over to the tag agency in order to transfer the title and tag. The vehicle cannot be driven legally as of this point in time. There is a better way to get the vehicle over.

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    Get a Ride

    Before one fully learns how to transfer car insurance, the second step must be completed. There is no greater shame than to do something that is known to be wrong such as driving a new vehicle without first properly transferring all the credentials.. Have a relative, friend or even the person that sold the car to you take you up to the tag agency. There are some services known as ‘tag couriers’ who will do the running and standing in line so the insurance can be adequately transferred. The third step involves calling the insurance company and transferring the liability portion of the policy over to the vehicle since the courier will need a proof of transference document before the tag/title process can be completed.