• How to Get the Good Driver Discount on Car Insurance

    A good driver discount is an incentive most insurance companies offer in order to reward safe drivers with a better rate. Each company has a unique policy in regards to this discount and how much it can save you. Most companies offer good driver discounts because when you are safe it saves them money; which in the end is what it is all about. So how do you get the discount?

    Step 1: Call Your Agent

    Odds are you may already have qualified for this discount but depending on your insurance provider and agent you may need to ask for it. Call your agent right away and ask if you get this discount, and if you don’t, what you need to do to qualify for it.

    Step 2: Review the Criteria

    Next, you will need to determine if you qualify as a good driver. Each company and their policies will be different so if you don’t qualify at one company you may at another, meaning a switch in providers could save you some money. To qualify, you will probably need to be over a certain age (such as 25), have a good credit score and be accident and ticket-free for at least three years.

    Step 3: Other Factors

    Some companies will reward you for taking a driver safety course, while others may allow you to be accident and ticket-free for a shorter amount of time. Get all of the facts before deciding on a company, or if you should switch to a new provider.

    Step 4: Drive Safe

    Once you qualify, there is little for you to do but save money and drive safe. Some providers will even have accident forgiveness but you can help yourself best by remaining accident and ticket free.