• How to Get the Best California Auto Insurance Quotes

    In order to get the best California auto insurance quotes, you need to do a little research. Since the law regarding auto insurance differs in each state, it’s important to stay updated on state regulations by visiting the state’s DMV website. The state of California requires that all state residents show proof that they can take financial responsibility in the event of a car accident. Motorists are required to carry minimum Bodily Injury Liability limits of $15,000 per injured or dead person and a total coverage of $30,000 per accident. In addition, motorists are required to carry property damage liability coverage with a minimum limit of $5,000. The state follows a Tort system which means that someone must be found responsible for an accident and such persons and their insurance company must pay for all the damage involved. To find the best quote, it’s advisable to bear in mind a few guidelines.


    • Drivers should go online and compare quotes from various insurance companies to arrive at the cheapest insurance rates offered for the desired coverage. Drivers can fill out a single questionnaire and get rates from different insurance companies by using an online price comparison tool.
    • Car insurance can be more affordable if drivers choose a monthly policy and make monthly payments for as long as the policy is in force. By comparing quotes from different insurance companies, customers can buy a policy with a low down payment and the lowest monthly payment for the desired coverage. However, there would be a billing fee and processing fee payable, which wouldn’t be charged if the payment was made annually.
    • While researching different quotes from several companies, drivers may prefer not to give sensitive information such as social security number or driver’s license number. It’s possible to divulge only information that influences rating factors such as driving history, name and contact number, date of birth, address and vehicle information, to get quotes.
    • Drivers should divulge information about any tickets or accidents on their driving records to get accurate quotes as the presence of these on their records would adversely affect the insurance rates. However, by shopping around it’s easier to find companies that offer discounts and packages to risky drivers as well as safe ones.
    • Young drivers usually have to pay higher insurance rates. However, by comparing the rates offered by different companies online, they can identify companies offering affordable coverage. The location, type of car, gender of the driver and the type of coverage desired all influence insurance rates. New drivers can also make the coverage affordable by paying the premium upfront to avoid billing fees, or by considering higher deductibles when adding physical coverage to the car. Completion of a course in defensive driving may also entitle new drivers to reductions in premiums.
    • Visit local insurance agents in the neighborhood to determine if they offer better insurance coverage.
    • Read online reviews about several insurance companies to determine which companies are rated high on customer satisfaction. Reading reviews helps select a good company to work with.

    Since the cheapest insurance policy is not necessarily the best deal, it’s important to read the auto insuring agreement to find out the coverage offered.