• How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

    Young drivers are often difficult and expensive to insure, but if you follow some simple advice, it is possible to obtain cheap car insurance for young drivers. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for insurance for your teen driver:

    • Look for student discounts
    • Make sure your young driver has good grades
    • Enroll your student in extra driving lessons
    • See if it is possible to put them on your policy
    • Make sure the car they have is safe

    Student Discounts

    Many insurance companies give discounts for student drivers. Some of these are called things like distant student discounts. This kind of discount is for when the young driver has to drive more than a certain amount of miles to get to and from school or classes.

    Good Grades

    Good grades will do more than ensure a good education and acceptance to the college of his or her choice. Most insurance companies see good grades as a sign of an increased personal responsibility in a teenager. When they perceive an increase in responsibility, you will be able to obtain lower premiums for your young driver.

    Extra Lessons

    Most insurance companies offer classes for all of their customers to help make them better drivers. And they offer discounts for those that complete these classes. You will receive a larger discount for better grades upon completion. They will often give advanced driver education classes, sometimes called offensive or defensive driver courses. These courses are also sometimes called Safe Driver Classes. Your local Automobile Club, or AAA will also offer classes on how to be a safer driver. Be sure to check with your insurance agent or company before enrolling the young driver in any of these classes to ensure that a discount will be given for completion and what will be required to obtain the discount.

    Add Them to Your Policy

    Many insurance companies offer multiple driver discounts. Check with your insurance agent.

    Safe Car

    The safer a car the young driver has, the lower the rates for insurance will be. What this means is try to obtain a car with the following options:

    • Anti-lock brakes
    • Car alarm systems
    • Airbags
    • Properly functioning seatbelts

    Anti-lock brakes are seen as something that can help any driver avoid an accident in a sudden stop situation. Airbags are something that will minimize injuries to driver and passengers in the tragic event of an accident. Properly functioning seatbelts will also help to limit injuries. Vehicle theft deterrent systems will help lower premiums on full coverage policies because they make your vehicle much harder to steal or break into.

    As long as you keep certain things in mind while shopping for insurance, it is possible to obtain cheap car insurance for young drivers. Something to keep in mind, if they have been insured before and have any points against them, such as a DUI, it will be much harder to obtain the lowest prices possible.