• How to Get an Esurance Insurance Quote

    In order to get an Esurance insurance quote there are a few simple steps you’ll need to follow. First you need to get online and log on to Esurance.com. On their main webpage you’ll enter your zip code and choose which type of insurance you would like to get a quote for from a drop-down menu. The choices include auto, motorcycle/ATV, home owner’s, condo, and rental insurance. They also offer health and life insurance for those in need of it. Having made your choice there, hit the “GO” button and follow these simple steps and you should have an Esurance online quote ready for you in less than 10 minutes.

    1. You’ll need to indicate the year, make, model, and body style of your primary vehicle. They also need to know the vehicle’s primary usage and how many miles it is typically driven per year. A few other questions about the ownership status, how many years you’ve had the vehicle, and whether or not you are the original owner, and you can move on to the next step. If you would like to add another vehicle to this quote you can do that here before continuing.
    2. After reading and agreeing to the privacy and security policy, you’ll need to enter in some information about the primary driver. Your name, gender, marital status, and date of birth are required. They also need your email address, as the quote will be emailed to you once the whole process is completed. Answer the remaining questions about when you first got your license, if you’ve had any major violations, accidents, or claims on your record, and whether you currently have car insurance, and you’re ready to finish up this section. They ask you for your telephone and social security numbers but it’s not necessary to give out this information if you don’t want to. Though it will help you to get an accurate quote sooner, these fields are optional. All that’s required is your street address, including city, state, and zip, the type of residence you live in and your education level.
    3. The next step is to tell them a bit about your current insurance provider; including the company’s name, how long you’ve been with them, the limits and deductibles of your policy, when it ends, and when you would like your new policy to start. It also asks how much you pay for your insurance per 6 month period, but answering this question is only optional.

    Now, your Esurance auto insurance quote is ready for you to review. The monthly and bi-annual prices are displayed along with a chart that breaks down the different costs that make up the total policy price. You have the option to view quotes for other policies with either more or less coverage than their standard policy. You also have the ability to customize the coverage to your desires and recalculate the total cost.