• How to Get a Mercury Insurance Quote

    Your current auto insurance policy is about to expire and friends have told you to look into a Mercury Insurance quote. They tell you they received really low quotes from Mercury and they’re paying less with Mercury Insurance than with anybody else they’ve been with. This article will help you obtain a quote and see what sort of policy and premium you can get.

    4 Ways to Obtain a Quote

    Just like with every other insurance company, there’s 4 main ways to obtain a quote from Mercury Insurance. These are:

    • In Person-This means looking them up in the phone book and going to the local office, if Mercury has a physical presence where you live.
    • On the Phone-You can call toll-free 1-800-956-3728 and obtain a quote from a sales representative.
    • A quote generator site-There are a large number of sites solely dedicated to making it easier for you to obtain a number of insurance quotes with only entering your information on a single form.
    • The Mercury Insurance Website-The steps involved will be listed below.

    How to Obtain a Quote Online

    Obtaining a car insurance quote online isn’t hard at all. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a quote to use for comparison purposes in just a matter of a few minutes.

    1. Log on to Mercury online.
    2. Click ‘Get a Quote’,  enter your zip code and click ‘Go’.
    3. Select a policy start date.
    4. Verify your zip code is where the car will be garaged..
    5. Answer current coverage questions
    6. Specify your current coverages with your policy.
    7. Answer rent or own dwelling question.
    8. If you own, specify what kind of dwelling it is.
    9. Specify how you heard about Mercury Insurance and click ‘Continue’.. Year, make, model, etc.
    10. Specify how the vehicle will be used.
    11. Verify your zip code again.
    12. Decide whether or not to add a vehicle and click ‘Continue’.
    13. Enter driver information.
    14. Enter a promotional code if you have one.
    15. Answer more driver information questions.
    16. Decide whether or not to add another driver and click ‘Continue’.
    17. Select coverage amounts.
    18. Decide whether to have rental car paid for and payment limit or not.
    19. Decide on deductible amount for comprehensive coverage.
    20. Choose yes or no for glass coverage.
    21. Choose collision deductible.
    22. Decide whether or not you need loan/lease gap coverage and click ‘Continue’.

    Verify Information and Make Desired Changes

    When you click continue after deciding on your deductibles, the system will process your quote for you. The quote shown will be for a 6-month policy/premium. After the quote is processed, you are given the option to change any policy limits or deductible amounts you might not be happy with. You will also be able to change any of your personal information or pertaining to your vehicle. If you’re happy with the quote as it’s been shown to you, you will now have the option of purchasing it and possibly saving between 5 and 10 percent more. You will notice that with Mercury, savings are maximized.

    This goes gone step-by-step through the process of obtaining a car insurance quote online from Mercury Insurance. It must be mentioned here that according to JD Power, Mercury customer service isn’t very highly rated by consumers.