• How to Get a Good Driver Discount

    If you are looking to get a good driver discount, the process is relatively simple. Good driver, or safe driver discounts are given out by auto insurance companies to reward drivers for having clean driving records. Good driver car insurance can offer discounts of 20% or more depending on your company. Here is how you can get them.

    1. The most important step before you can even think about having a good driver discount is being a good driver. You must have a clean record, which not only includes accidents that were your fault, but also those that weren’t. Having any accidents, regardless of fault, will normally disqualify you from a good driver discount. This is over a time period that is a variable depending on what company you are dealing with. Most of them average out to three years, but others are up to seven years.
    2. There are other factors involved in getting a good driver discount. Things like your car, age, marital status, credit history, etc. all effect your eligibility for this discount. Get your credit in check, drive a used car or one that is more safe and cheaper, etc.
    3. Depending on your company, you may not even need to ask for a good drivers discount. Sometimes they are automatically added into your insurance if you meet the qualifications. With other companies, you actually have to take the initiative and ask for the discount. If this is the case, simply go to your local office and explain your case as to why you should get the discount. They can then check your qualifications and then give an answer right there for you.