• How to Get a General Auto Insurance Quote

    If you want to get a General auto insurance quote, it’s a simple process. By just visiting General online you can get your quote and your General auto insurance coverage.

    Getting Started

    Go to thegeneral.com and get started. You’ll need to pick type and enter your zip code. Hit “Go”.

    Household Information

    The first real data to enter is your household information. Drop down boxes are provided for number of drivers and vehicles. Answer “yes” or “no” as to whether there are any excluded drivers. Tell them if you have maintained insurance coverage continuously for the last sixty days. Home type is required and you need to describe your credit.

    Driver Information

    Next you enter information for each driver. The need first name, birth date and marital status. You’ll also need to tell them if the driver needs an SR22 filing or not, if the driver has completed an accident prevention course and if they have had an incident in the last 35 months. Checking “yes” for that one will bring up a drop down box to tell them about it. There is also a link to add another incident. You can add or remove drivers here, too.

    Vehicle Information

    Input vehicle information for each vehicle here. You can also add or remove a vehicle. They need year, make, model and type. You need to indicate if it is used for business or has an anti-theft device. If you choose “yes” for business use, though, you are done as you can’t get that type online.

    Your Quote

    The next page will have your quote. It includes installment information and coverage levels. The levels of coverage can be edited. Hitting “next” takes you to a page where you agree to their privacy policies, give them an email address and set a password to save your quote.

    Complete Your Application

    Fill in your last name and middle initial and provide telephone numbers. You will also need to choose the date of coverage and if you had excluded a driver you’ll need to indicate that again. Once you continue you’ll need to enter the information for the excluded driver (if you have one). Otherwise you will enter your garaging address and indicate if that address is the same as your mailing address. You will need to tell them if you have moved in the last 6 months. If you answer “yes” to either one of those you’ll need to provide the mailing and/or your previous address. On the next page answer a number of “yes” or “no” questions about the garaging of the vehicle and your past history with this insurance provider—among other things.

    Finalizing the Quote

    Next you’ll be taken to the final verification. Here you’ll need to provide information like drivers license and social security numbers for each driver and dates of any traffic incidents included earlier. Next you’ll need the VIN of each vehicle and to tell them about any pre-existing damage and ownership status of the vehicle. Once you get past here it is time to buy and print your policy.

    The General provides a fairly straightforward process for getting you insurance policy online. It makes for a quick job to get your car covered.