• How to Find UK Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

    There are several ways to find UK cheap car insurance quotes. Most people in the UK have a car insurance policy. It is a law in the UK if you own a car you must have insurance on it to drive. However too many people spend hundreds of pounds in coverage they have out grown or no longer need. Insurance policies are too often kept until the rate for the policy gets too high. This guide will help you to understand your car insurance needs and how car insurance works so you can find UK cheap car insurance.  

    What kind of Motor Insurance is Right for you? 

    Third party insurance is the minimum allowed. It covers injuries to others, damage to property, accidents caused by passengers, and accidents caused by a caravan or trailer attached to the car. This policy does not cover damages to your vehicle.  

    Third party fire and theft covers all of the things in the third party insurance and also covers fire and theft. It does not cover your car repair.  

    Fully comprehensive insurance covers everything the other two cover and also damages to your car, damages to yourself, medical expenses, and the loss of personal property.  

    What Paperwork will you need to get International Auto Insurance?

    To get motor insurance in the UK you will need the vehicle make and model, the registration number for the vehicle, post code, who you have no-claims discount with and the number of years, details of any other drivers, what the car is used for, annual mileage you plan to drive, type of coverage you need, and details of any claims or convictions in the last three years.

    Where to Find Cheap UK Car Insurance?

    An insurance broker: Although an old fashioned insurance broker may be a big help if you have a “spotty” driving record or if you need specialty insurance like for a classic or high performance auto they may be more expensive due to the commission they make off of each sale.

    Direct Insurers: You can purchase your motor insurance directly from the company who will hold the policy.

    Comparison Websites: When you use a comparison website you will save money due to the fact of being able to choose the lowest quote offered.

    How to Lower your Interest Rate?

    There are many options you may add or decline to your policy that can save you money. For instance did you know most insurance policies have overseas coverage standard for vacation auto insurance but does your policy make you pay extra for it?  If it does and you do not need the coverage, then decline it.

    If you are a learner driver you can take extra lessons with the Pass Plus scheme. The proof of the extra lessons could cut your bill by as much as 35%.  You can also lower your bill if you are an older driver by taking an advanced driver course.

    There are several things you can do to find cheap UK car insurance quotes.