• How to Compare Low Cost Car Insurance & Get the Lowest Prices

    It’s not too difficult to find low cost car insurance for most drivers and situations. Sometimes, though, the cheapest car insurance might not be the best answer. You really need to compare quotes and consider buy the best car insurance coverage for you. Sure, price is one consideration, but it’s not the only consideration.

    Get Your Quotes

    There are a number of ways you can get multiple quotes online. Whether you want to visit one of the one-stop-shop sites like Progressive, Esurance or Geico or use an independent service like the one provided by CarsDirect, there are options to get a number of quotes by only entering your information once. You could also go through and get various quotes one by one through different the websites of different companies. This can be handy if the companies you are interested in working with aren’t included in the comparisons provided at the other sites. Basically any insurance provider you might consider buying from is probably represented with a website where you can get an online quote.

    Once you have your quotes you will want to look them over to do a proper comparison. Make sure that coverage levels are the same from quote to quote. If they aren’t you’ll need to take those differences into consideration when you make your decision.

    Check Companies

    Not every insurance company is as reliable as every other insurance company. Since you’ll want a company that will pay out when you have a claim you really need to research the reliability of all the companies. Sure, one of the reasons people buy auto insurance these days is to satisfy the requirements of their state. Ultimately, though, any insurance is intended to cover you in the case of some sort of loss. If a policy can’t do that reliably it’s not worth anything, really. Every state provides a website that includes customer complaints and customer satisfaction statistics of each company. Look those over. A similar policy at a lower price with an unreliable company isn’t necessarily as much of a bargain as a more expensive policy with a company whose reliability is considered very solid.

    Weigh Options

    Taking all items mentioned previously into account it’s time to seriously look at all your options and make a choice. Sure, if you have two companies offering essentially the same policy and both have similar reliability ratings, going with the lower price is probably the best option. So, take your time and make the right decision and then purchase your insurance.


    If you have an existing policy, don’t be afraid to negotiate to get a better deal when renewal rolls around to get low rates car insurance. If you have a clean driving record and have not made any claims, attempt to get a car insurance discount on this basis.

    Finding the lowest car insurance premium is everyone’s goal but shopping for car insurance is never fun. It is a good idea to get insurance quotes once a year or anytime something significant occurs, (like an address change,) to ensure you are getting the best rates. All of the major insurance companies offer quite a few discounts, so read the tips below to get the best rates available.

    Home and Multi-car Policy

    If you own a home and insure it with the same company that handles your car insurance you should be offered a multiple policy discount. The same discount applies to multiple vehicles so if you insure more than one car make sure you are getting a discount.

    Low rates car insurance can often be obtained through a non-standard policy. If you are in a household that makes use of multiple cars, consider a multi-car policy to provide coverage for all of the vehicles together rather than individually.

    Safety Features

    Insurance companies will offer discounts for vehicles equipped with safety features such as automatic seat belts, air bags and anti-lock brakes. While these safety features are usually standard equipment on new vehicles, if you have an older car that has any of these items be sure to notify your insurance company.

    Good Credit Rating

    If you have a clean credit rating you should get a discount from your insurer. Be sure to ask if you qualify for this when applying for a new policy.

    Clean Driving Record

    Just like a good credit rating a clean driving record should earn you a discount. The discount will vary by insurer so be sure to get the details from your agent.

    Defensive Driving Class

    Taking and passing a defensive driving class should result in a discount. These classes are available at local driving schools and some states even allow you to take them online. They are reasonably priced and usually only last an afternoon. Check with your insurance company to see what their policies are regarding defensive driving courses.

    Military, Teacher or Federal Employee

    If you are a teacher, a federal employee or in the military, you can often get a discount from your insurer. If your insurer does not offer a discount for this you might want to keep shopping.