• How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Online

    If you’ve ever wondered how to compare auto insurance quotes online, there are a number of ways you can do it. Some are easier than others, but you definitely have options.

    One Stop Shop

    Some companies like Progressive and Esurance will do a lot of the work for you. Their websites will allow you to enter your information just once and get a batch of insurance quotes. That way you can compare and buy the one that you feel is best.Of course, if you are only looking to get a quote from one or two companies you might need to enter more information (some companies ask different questions than others) than might be needed. In addition, you don’t have complete control over which companies are used as your comparison quotes.

    Independent Sites

    You might question the validity of Progressive and Esurance’s comparison quotes since they are in the business of selling you their insurance. It’s conceivable (although there is no evidence to substantiate this) that their quotes are skewed to make their coverage look like the better deal. It’s also possible that they don’t have full access to the best quotes other companies can provide. If you are concerned about this you can use sites like CarsDirect to do an independent comparison. Just like the Progressive and Esurance sites they allow you to compare auto insurance quotes online, but unlike those, there should not be even a perceived conflict between accurate information and the desire to sell. Of course, in this instance you also don’t have full control over the companies that are compared.

    Do It Yourself

    Most insurance companies these days will allow you to do your own insurance quote on their website. Typically you can save that quote and have it sent to your email inbox. That means that you can do the comparison work yourself. Just go to all the providers you want to compare and run a quote on each of their sites. This is certainly the most time consuming of the options and requires the most work (much of it redundant) of any of them. It does allow you to pick the companies for which you get quotes. You can also be assured of the accuracy of the quotes. This also has the advantage of allowing you to use your quote to purchase your insurance directly from that insurance provider. Another big advantage with this route is that you get to choose which companies are compared to which other insurance companies.

    Whether you choose to do the one stop shopping approach provided by Progressive and Esurance or use an independent site like CarsDirect, there are ways to get multiple quotes all at once when trying to compare auto insurance quotes online. It’s also possible to just do quotes with multiple companies to compare, but you’ll need to be ready to put in some extra time.