• How to Apply for an International Mercury Auto Insurance Quote

    There are certain considerations to keep in mind when applying for an international Mercury auto insurance quote. International auto insurance covers drivers when they choose to drive in a foreign country. All drivers who plan to drive on a trip abroad should think about purchasing an international auto insurance policy, to protect themselves from having to pay damage costs if they are found to be at fault in an accident.

    International Auto Insurance

    Researching the Internet is the best way to get an international auto insurance policy. A temporary auto insurance policy covers drivers for a designated period of time that varies from a month to a year. The insurance rates would depend on the type of car that would be driven and the country where the vehicle would be driven. A quote would normally be valid for a 30 day period. The insurance policy would cover any individual, organization or company, working or living outside their country of origin. The Mercury Insurance Group offers vacation auto insurance at reduced premiums, through a strategy of tight underwriting and claims handling. Buying insurance from Mercury will ensure stable currency valuation for rates and claims. The company also provides detailed information to international drivers, and advises them of the various documents required to obtain an auto insurance policy, overseas. In addition, the company offers efficient and quick claims processing.

    How to Apply:

    • Drivers should go online and ask for the quote. Alternatively, agents at Mercury Insurance can offer quotes over the phone.
    • When purchasing international or vacation auto insurance policies, drivers should ensure that the policies include coverage for accidental damage, fire and auto theft. In addition, the policy should provide protection for fitted equipment like audio systems and coverage towards breakage of windscreen, riots, hijacking and armed robbery. It’s also beneficial to obtain protection against damage incurred by hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.
    • If their personal car is insured by Mercury Insurance, drivers planning to drive a rental car on vacation should inquire whether rental car coverage is already included in the policy. If the trip isn’t a business trip, the coverage and deductibles of personal cars may extend to rental cars. Sometimes, the coverage may also extend to other drivers listed on the rental car agreement. If personal car insurance covers rental cars, drivers should keep the insurance certificate and contact details of the agent, in the rental car. If the coverage doesn’t extend to rental cars, then a policy will have to be purchased.  
    • If credit cards are used to pay for the rental car, the credit card company may provide coverage at no extra charge. Agents at Mercury Insurance will be able to verify exactly what type of coverage is offered and drivers can then decide whether they want anything else to be included in the policy.

     Getting international auto insurance quotes from the Mercury Insurance Group needn’t be a stressful experience if drivers keep the above tips in mind and check with agents, to pre-determine what insurance coverage is actually needed.