• How Progressive’s Accident Forgiveness Works

    Accident forgiveness can save you hundreds on your insurance rates but not every insurance company offers it. One company that does is Progressive so if you are a current Progressive customer or are looking into switching insurance companies here is a brief overview of Progressives accident forgiveness policy.

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    The Details

    Progressives accident forgiveness is a benefit that they offer all of their customers. It is not an add on but a component of all of their auto policies. In order to quality for accident forgiveness you must have an auto policy with Progressive for 4 years, and remain accident free for 3 consecutive years. Once you meet these requirements then your rates will not increase due to an accident even if you are at fault. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in premiums. An accident will often result in a moderate to large increase in your premium so accident forgiveness offers real savings. It is important to remember that this only applies to the first accident after you qualify. The details may vary by state so you should always read your policy in full and ask questions regarding anything you don’t understand.

    Progressive offers other discounts as well. Here is a quick rundown of a few of the discounts that may be available to you:

    • E-Sign – Progressive will knock $50.00 off your first policy if you sign all the documents online. Paperless documents not only save you money but are environmentally friendly as well.
    • Multiple Policies – If you insure your home with Progressive as well as your vehicles you can save some money. There are further discounts if you have more then one car insured with Progressive. These discounts vary by state as well as make and model on the vehicles.
    • Pay in full – If you pay your yearly premium in full instead of monthly or quarterly Progressive will take 10% off.
    • Others – Progressive offers discounts for students who complete a defensive driving course, keeping mileage low and shortening your commute. As with other insurance companies your premium will vary by city and neighborhood. Progressive offers a number of other discounts that vary by state. Check with your agent or look for other discounts when you apply on line.

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    Accident forgiveness is not offered by all insurance companies but can offer real savings if you meet the requirements. Progressives promise not to raise your rates even if the accident is your fault can save hundreds of dollars if you suddenly find yourself in a car accident. Accident forgiveness along with many other potential discounts is just one reason that everyone considering new car insurance should request a quote from Progressive.