• Have a DUI? How to Get Auto Insurance

    After a DUI incident, a driver may have quite a few things to figure out, including auto insurance changes. Depending on the severity of the case, he or she may have a suspended license, be facing fines or even prison time. But in any case, there are going to be some obstacles to getting back on the road. Here are some of the things to be aware of about getting auto insurance after a DUI.

    The SR-22

    After a DUI, some states require a driver to fill out what’s called an SR-22 form to prove that they have adequate insurance. If they do not currently have a policy, they will be forced to seek out one that meets the requirements of the state. People often call that “SR-22 auto insurance.” To get this kind of auto insurance, DUI offenders will need to shop around and look for what they consider to be fair prices.

    If a driver already has a policy in force, they may be able to “ride out” the incident, paying their premiums on time and leveraging that pre-agreed rate. Otherwise, they will find themselves identified as a high risk driver. In this case, they will need to seek out high risk auto insurance, and it’s not uncommon to pay three times what a standard non-DUI driver would pay for the same basic liability insurance.

    Assigned Risk Policies

    One way that drivers can get high risk auto insurance after a DUI or related incident is through an assigned risk situation. Some states have set up assigned risk pools to get higher risk drivers covered. An assigned risk policy is when an auto insurance company is basically forced to cover a driver. It’s a service to high risk drivers who need to get on the road. However, if that company is not happy about insuring a driver with a DUI offense, they are unlikely to offer great rates.

    Non-Standard Auto Insurance

    Another option is non-standard auto insurance, where the high risk driver goes to companies who are used to dealing with customers who have a DUI or something negative on their driving record. Sometimes, this is a way to get competitive rates.

    Taking Classes

    For some drivers who have incurred a DUI, it’s time to go “back to night school.” Auto skills classes can be a great way to get the best rates from a non standard auto insurance company. These short classes improve ratings by showing an insurer that the driver is making an effort to mitigate the effect of the DUI. Needless to say, the main goal is to not re-offend and to be able to gradually bring your rates back down by building a squeaky-clean record in the wake of a DUI/DWI incident. Classes aid in this, but overall, drivers often need to play a waiting game, and pay increased rates until they can bring a better driving record back to the table and re-negotiate.

    The above will help some drivers to reduce the increase in auto insurance rates after a DUI.