• Getting the Student Discount on Auto Insurance

    Student discount auto insurance is an important incentive to get not only good grades, but also save money. Obviously, as the name implies, you need to achieve high marks in school in order to qualify for an improved rate on your auto insurance. So how does one qualify for this insurance incentive? Easy, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Call Your Agent

    First you need to call your agent to discuss the situation. Every insurance provider has a different policy on what it takes to get this discount, yet almost everyone offers it. This pertains to parents providing insurance for their children as well.

    Step 2: Review the Qualifications

    Next you need to see if you qualify. Typically to qualify you must be a single or married male or female in age from 16-24. Next you probably need to maintain a certain grade point average (typically a “B” average). In addition, some policies require you to be an honor student, make the deans list, be in the top 20% of your class or maintain certain test scores.

    Step 3: Save on Auto Insurance

    Once you meet these requirements and can prove it to your agent you are now eligible for a discount on your student auto insurance. Discounts will vary from company to company, but any money that can be saved is always a good thing. You will be required to maintain these criteria in order to continue this savings. Quarterly report cards or other proof may be required. Make sure you discuss this in advance with your agent so you are not surprised when the time comes.