• Get Weekly Car Insurance in 3 Steps

    The best way to get weekly car insurance can be completed in three easy steps. Presently weekly car insurance has a stigma attached to it which is true to a degree. Most weekly car insurance was applicable to those drivers who had to either rent a car for the week or pay an insurance premium. Or those that had the fortune of dealing with a smaller insurance broker who accepted the weekly format for payments. That was the older-style of insurance payment processing and those days have gone to the wayside. What has stepped in to take the place of those methods are weekly car insurance payments for a rental vehicle and temporary vehicles.

    First 2 Steps for Obtaining Weekly Insurance Payments

    The weekly car insurance payments that are desired by some and mandatory for others can be easily obtained with these three easy and amicable steps. When a person requires a rental car for say a week’s time, then the broker who is renting the car will require weekly insurance.The first step is to rent a vehicle making certain that the weekly insurance will be required.The second step will be to inquire what type of coverage is necessary in order to satisfy the rental agreement. The rental broker will show the contractual obligations for insurance and then explain the types of coverage needed. The coverage can be liability and damage only up to the required minimums for liability which are normally 300,000.00. The comprehensive and collision coverage limits are usually a set amount that includes the replacement cost of the rental vehicle up to what the NADA Blue Book dictates for that make and model. After the coverage options have been detailed and the contract is about to be signed, there is one more order of business that must be completed.The down payment for the weekly insurance will normally be an independent fee and payable to the insurance broker or the rental agent. This will depend upon the agreement that the two parties have decided upon when going into the business dealing. The weekly premium can be either paid in full or split into two equal payments. Normally the entire premium is due and payable when the contract for the rental vehicle has been initiated. This is for the liability aspect and for the assurance that the vehicle is fully covered from the time the keys are handed over until the vehicle has been returned and inspected by the receiving agent.  

    Third Step for Receiving Weekly Car Insurance

    The third and final step for achieving the goal of a great weekly insurance payment is to sign the contract. By signing the rental agreement. the business of obtaining insurance is automatically put into effect. That is the final step that will initiate the beginning of the insurance policy coverage. The liability coverage is the most important at this time since the temporary ownership of the rental vehicle is now transferred.