• GEICO Car Insurance Options for Federal & Private Contractor Employees

    If you have been on the lookout for insurance for your prized automobile, you might have already come across GEICO car insurance. As one of the top car insurance companies, its prominent presence boasts of a track record of 9 million policyholders and still growing. It was established in 1936 by Leo Goodwin in order to cater to the insurance needs exclusively for military and federal personnel. Thus, the name GEICO which actually stands for Government Employees Insurance Company came about. The company is known to have an extensive portfolio of car insurance options which easily translates into a way of how to save money. Its present service coverage now includes the general public aside from the military and federal sectors.

    Federal Employee Options

    GEICO extends car insurance discounts specifically to federal employees. There are two programs called Senior-Level Discount and Federal Sponsored Marketing Discount which are both granting a 3-10 percent discount, depending on the state. In order to be eligible for these discounts, an individual should either be a senior-level federal employee or be a part of one of the 19 federal groups with GEICO affiliation. It should be noted that combined discounts are not allowed to avail of your GEICO car insurance.

    GEICO brags of excellent customer service. A survey conducted on policyholders showed that they were satisfied and pleased with the rendered services. Claims are settled quickly and fairly with 24/7 phone and online services available. These efforts make GEICO ahead of other car insurance companies and place them in one of the top spots in their field.

    GEICO guarantees payment of claims filed by its policyholders regardless of the car insurance options previously availed. The company is backed up by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. with assets amounting to over $15 billion thus, assuring clients of available funds.

    GEICO offers other discounts based on vehicle equipment, driving history and habits, driver’s education, driver affiliations and customer loyalty; all of which can be explored. Figure out how to save money through additional discounts by contacting customer service.

    Aside from GEICO car insurance discounts and unparalleled reliability, the company gives back to the federal community by actively participating in Federal Employees Program. The company has been sponsoring Public Service Awards for active and retired federal workers. GEICO also assists the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA) which helps federal workers who are in need of financial support in times of hardship. Aside from health fairs, GEICO also organizes Public Employees Roundtable which takes federal employees to center stage and share their outstanding work. The company is also a big advocate of saving bonds which makes them a big sponsor of Saving Bond Drives.

    Other benefits enjoyed by federal employees include free leave card records for tracking of annual leave, free flyers regarding general automotive safety and thousands of child seats donated to Military facilities and federal day care centers.

    The insurance package of GEICO is considered a premium service. It does not only respond to the need of a basic coverage but it also gives other valued services most specifically to federal employees. Car insurance discounts provided by GEICO definitely teach insurance shoppers how to save money. It also shows that you do not need to pay a premium price for a premium service.

    Private Contractors

    Commercial GEICO insurance is also available if you are a private contractor on a long-term project. GEICO stands for the Government Employees Insurance Company. Although GEICO seems to have opened its doors to non-government workers, it is best to read the fine print and you will likely be surprised that you will have to either be working on a long-term government project or an employee to benefit from GEICO savings. The GEICO plan is group car insurance. Primarily aimed at government employees, who gain savings through the size of their group. If you are a government contractor, you will likely qualify for coverage, too.