• Ford Car Insurance: Coverage Options for You

    An additional service provided by the Ford Motor Company, Ford car insurance is a way to insure your new or used Ford through American Road Services, the insurance subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. Like other insurance groups, American Road Services offers full scale insurance services, competitive pricing and the highest quality customer service. With Ford, you can purchase your new or used car, finance through the Ford Motor Credit Company and insure your vehicle through their insurance wing. It is one stop shopping designed to give you the best price and the most convenience.

    Features of Ford Car Insurance

    Insuring your Ford through American Road Services means you get the best an insurance company has to offer, from 24-hour claims service to quality repairs that use Ford parts and Ford-certified technicians. When you insure through Ford, some of the features of the insurance package include a lifetime guarantee on parts and repairs covered by your policy for as long as you own the car. You also get a $100 rebate on your deductible for collision damage provided you use Ford insurance approved mechanics and parts.

    The work done on your Ford uses only Ford parts and the skills of highly-trained Ford mechanics who know the cars they work on. With Ford car insurance, you find everything under one roof, so to speak. You have purchased a new or used Ford, so you are aware of the famous Ford quality. Insuring through Ford only makes sense. Savings are built right into the system. In fact, the average customer who switches to Ford insurance saves almost $500 annually on insurance costs.

    Customer Service

    With 24-hour claims service and customer service that puts customers first, Ford car insurance gives their drivers everything they need for the most effective and comprehensive insurance. Ford insurance offers the same types of policies that other companies offer, from basic property damage and personal injury through comprehensive coverage. Whatever you need to have peace of mind while you drive your car, Ford insurance covers your bases. In addition, Ford insurance lets you pay your premiums in a variety of ways, offering monthly payment plans. Not only is it an affordable insurance option, Ford ensures that you can meet your obligation the easiest way possible.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    The benefits of Ford comprehensive insurance include a courtesy car when your Ford is in the shop, full coverage for accessories like bike racks and child seats and unlimited coverage for in-car accessories such as stereos and phones just to name a few. Not only do you have the benefit of 24-hour service, but comprehensive coverage also includes legal advice and a second car discount. You don’t have to settle for less when you purchase Ford car insurance, a 5-star rated insurance company with the well-being of its drivers as its first priority.

    Whether you drive a new or used Ford, even Ford classic cars, you are eligible for Ford car insurance. Look into the benefits before you decide on your insurance plan. You just might be surprised what American Road Services–Ford’s insurance wing can offer you.