• Do You Qualify for a Car Insurance Discount?

    Lots of drivers shopping for new auto insurance may be wondering whether they qualify for a car insurance discount, and it’s a very good question to ask in any negotiations with an auto insurance company. Car insurance discounts are extremely relevant to almost any policy. Auto insurance companies use them to attract customers, but they may not put a lot of effort into telling customers about these discounts up front. Lots of times, customers have to ask for a car insurance discount in order to get it. Here are some ways to profit from the corporate policies of auto insurance companies regarding car insurance discount offers.

    The Good Driver Discount

    Any driver who has not been in an accident in several years often qualifies for a good driver discount. This kind of discount is really just part of an “actuarial approach” to car insurance. It’s the flip side of why auto insurance is so expensive for high-risk drivers. Drivers without a history of accidents are a relatively low-risk, and auto insurance companies want to keep them, which is why they offer the good driver discount. Ask for this discount up front, and mention it if you see that it doesn’t appear on your policy.

    Economy of Scale Discounts

    Another automatic way to get a car insurance discount is with a multiple car insurance discount or a multiple driver discount. Families and other driving groups find that collective coverage is almost always a better deal than individual coverage, which is one reason why states like Vermont are flirting with the idea of “auto insurance co-ops” where individual drivers bands together to get better auto insurance rates.

    Safety Discounts

    Auto insurance companies also offer discounts according to efforts by individual drivers to lower their own risks on the road. A traffic school or driver’s education program can make an individual eligible for some of these insurance discounts. Safety features on a vehicle also qualify for lower auto insurance rates, with specific discounts according to insurance statistics for items like anti-lock brakes, additional airbags, or other safety enhancing devices that are known to cut down on accident rates and subsequently lower a driver’s overall risk.

    Identity-based Discounts

    Another big part of what auto insurance companies do is to reach out to specific target audiences with discounts based on organizational participation. These discounts start with items like student car insurance discounts and military discount car insurance for those in the armed services. These kinds of discounts often extend to alumni discounts for schools and universities, as well as AARP discounts and other car insurance discounts secured by club membership or a similar identity status. Talk to insurers about what is available for you to get the discounted rates you deserve.

    These are some of the top ways that auto insurance companies reach out to customers with specific discounts for helping to make this necessary cost more affordable to American consumers and families. Don’t forget to ask for them when you are signing a policy or at the time of renewal to shave dollars off of your car insurance premium.