• Car Insurance: Picking Your Own Repair Shop

    Choosing a repair shop is something you will want to consider carefully. Do not gamble and just drop your car off at some random location. If you are working on a car accident claim then car insurance companies may have some recommendations, but it is ultimately your choice. Follow these tips and you will be on the road to not only repairing your car but resolving your car accident claim.

    Prior to Choosing the Repair Shop

    • Read the owner’s manual. This way you have become familiar with what is required for your vehicle. Each vehicle has its own particulars that are required to adhere to the maintenance of your car.
    • Read your warranty. Some warranties do have limitations on who can do what to your vehicle. You want to keep your warranty intact while dealing with car insurance claims.
    • Ask your friends and family. People that have had to experience with a repair shop in the past will know best.
    • Prepare for alternate transportation. In some cases your car insurance coverage will cover a rental car while your vehicle is in the repair shop. If this is the case make sure that you have all the details from the car insurance companies. If you do not have rental coverage then prepare for alternate transportation on your own. Either way it is important to be prepared so you do not have to consider the location of the repair shop and broaden the area of where you can choose from.

    Researching the Repair Shop

    • Assess the parking lot. This will give you confidence to know that the repair shop is working on similar cars to yours.
    • Ask for references. If the repair shop has satisfied or repeat customers it would be great to call and obtain a reference from them.
    • Review for presented certifications. If the mechanics are certified then the company would proudly post these certifications around the facility. This will give you the customer satisfaction knowing that they are capable of doing the job.

    After the Work is Complete

    • Keep documentation. You always want to save all documentation from any repair shop. This is beneficial for any warranty on the vehicle, as well as, for any car insurance claims.
    • Repeat business. The shop will appreciate a repeat customer and the customer will usually appreciate a repair shop that they can trust.
    • Communicate with the service manager. If something is not up to standard then give the repair shop a chance to fix it. This will give them the opportunity to succeed at the job at hand.

    Car insurance coverage can be quite convenient when there is a car accident claim that needs to be settled. Part of the entire claim process is finding a repair shop that is going to be able to handle the job that needs to be done on the vehicle and paid successfully by the car insurance company. The consumer is allowed to choose whichever repair shop they would like to use and hopefully, these tips will help this be a successful task.