• Car Insurance Cancellation Scams to Stay Away from

    The worst insurance nightmares are the ones that include the car insurance cancellation scams. These scams involve unscrupulous insurance companies. Mostly the newer ones that are popping up online in record numbers, all bent on stealing the hard earned money of the unwary. In order to not fall victim to one of these scams it is good to know something about these issues.

    The Dreaded Invisible Insurance Policy

    The worst problem with car insurance cancellation scams are that they are worthless policies to begin with and the cancellation only hammers home this point. The insurance companies that set-up a site on the Internet, then lay back and wait for the quote requests to roll in, are the dangerous highly unethical and criminal business types. The favorite tactic of these scammers is to offer a policy that has too good to believe points and then take the down payment. Or worse, the entire premium is collected and they’ll never be heard from again. This may sound like something that could never happen to a smart and savvy insurance shopper but it could happen to anyone.

    What to Watch Out for

    The best way to avoid becoming a victim of one of these car insurance cancellation scams requires intelligence and carefulness. By just knowing that the scams exist are not enough, as many honest and sincere insurance searchers have found out. The Department of Insurance in Florida estimates that there are at least 100 or more domestic and international fake insurance forms set up on the Internet to solely steal the money of the individuals who log into the sites. The problem with many of these online firms is that they are located in many of the Eastern European countries such as Romania and Bulgaria. Well out of the long arm of the Insurance Departments reach and well ahead of the Romanian and Bulgarian authorities as well. The best way to avoid these online insurance scams is to realize there are certain important steps one should take before signing up with any online business, especially the insurance related ones.

    How to Determine the Good from the Bad

    There are many ways to detect and avoid the many car insurance cancellation scams that populate the Internet. One such way is to research and demand that the insurance company show the certificate of insurance acceptability, given to every insurance company that has an online site and sells policies. That’s the best method to wean out the good from the bad. The bad will not reply or may attempt to offer up a counterfeit document. Another way to uncover the scams of the cancellation insurance players is to look for a telephone number. Many online insurance scams will either have a fake customer service number or will just not have one listed at all. Two definite signs that the insurance is to be dodged.