• Car Impounded and No Insurance? Understanding What to do

    By having the car impounded no insurance problem, it is time to make some drastic changes. The basic issue for not having insurance puts you in the wrong so that hurdle must be first gotten over. The problem is that by not having insurance before the car was impounded, the vehicle cannot legally be released until insurance is purchased. The primary question which may arise is how can the car that is not being driven need insurance? The answer to this question has to be explained in further detail.

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    Get the Insurance and Get the Car

    The only way to legally retrieve the vehicle is to have it insured, and then pay the fee for the storage and towing of the car. That’s the only way to get the car out. By insuring the impounded vehicle with at least state required minimum mandatory insurance, the road to freedom is just moments away. Try to speak to the lot owner or the lot representative to see exactly what is required to release the vehicle. This can be a very frustrating experience at first and one where the lesson will be learned. The easiest way to get this straightened out is to have insurance placed on the vehicle. A great way to do this is to search on the Internet and do some fast quote retrieving.

    Finding the Best Insurance

    The problem was that after the car impounded no insurance gamut has been completed the car still sits in the impound lot. The best way to retrieve it is to purchase some insurance and it can only be the liability and property damage coverage, as the rule for comprehensive and collision needs one more thing. The car to be photographed and inspected. Without the physical vehicle being present and accounted for, liability insurance is the only type of coverage that can be initiated. After the insurance for the impounded vehicle has been located and purchased, the next stop is the lot. The proof of insurance that is normally required to release the impounded vehicle is called the insurance card or binder. The certificate of insurance is also recommended and this can be the easiest way to show proof to the lot keepers. Once that has been completed the vehicle is now free to go.

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    Afterthoughts about Insurance

    The first action that should be completed after the car has been put back to the rightful owner is to make certain the insurance is valid and endorsed. What this means is that the insurance that was hastily purchased in order to get the car out may need to be upgraded and a few other coverages added to the policy.