• Car Breakdown Insurance: A How to Guide

    When considering car breakdown insurance one must also understand this is also referred to as roadside assistance insurance. Many companies have this as an add-on to a basic policy and are a good way to gap the differences between a claim payout and other expenses. Roadside assistance usually covers occurrences such as running out of gas, flat tires, mechanical problems or any overall engine failure. The main thing to remember when purchasing car breakdown insurance is that the cost is an important factor since you may never use this coverage. Most people that drive make sure they have enough gas and check the tire pressure before they drive, so this knocks off two of the opportunities the roadside assistance offers. A safe secure driver rarely will use this supplemental car insurance and the insurance companies know that and plan accordingly. The average car breakdown insurance policy is around $7.00 a month. Many of demographic factors play into this premium total and anything under $9.99 can usually be added on to the policy without much objection.

    The Meaning of Gap Insurance

    When dissecting car breakdown insurance the term “gap” comes into play many times and is really a great item to possess. Gap insurance is the insurance that is meant to bridge the gap between the normal and customary coverage options and the unforeseen but financially debilitating expenses. This gap insurance is refereed to as roadside assistance insurance and is really good for those that are less than careful when driving. This is not to say that this coverage is not any good or has any use because it does; this is just to say that a careful driver will not fall back on the supplemental insurance policy for anything. Flat tires do happen and people run out of gas yet these are very low percentages compared to the entire driving populace. If one needs roadside assistance they can usually obtain it at a cheaper rate through their cell phone company which provides them with cell phone service. This is quick and easy and a simple add on is all it takes and the important thing to remember about this type of  supplemental insurance is that the cell phone must be on the person in order to be used.

    Coverage of Roadside Assistance Insurance

    A full-blown, almost as expensive as the liability policy, “roadie policy” will offer so many types of coverage it can almost be considered a stand alone product. The only coverages that these types of policies lack are the liability and property damage to the vehicle coverages. Since the term “supplement” means to supply additionally, it makes sense that the main policy will always be the primary and this one secondary. The evolution of the breakdown insurance policy is interesting indeed as it began as just something to get help to stranded motorist in such remote places as the Texas deserts or the Oklahoma flatlands. The tow trucks are the ones that prompted the birth of this form of supplemental insurance.