• Calculate General Damages with These 6 Steps

    General damages can be defined as the compensation that is paid out to the injured person in a car accident. These claims are not always straightforward because you must be able to calculate future costs that are the result of the accident. Auto insurance calculators will use the medical evidence along with other factors to determine the actual cash value. Calculating these general damages can be quite sticky. Here are six steps to help car insurance claims give the actual cash value for general damages.

    Step 1: Educate Yourself about Your Policy and State Laws

    The first thing you should be aware of is the amount that your car insurance policy pays you in the case of a car accident. You need to know where to begin and how much you can claim in compensation. Each state has their own laws regarding the minimum and maximum amounts that can be paid out in car insurance claims with respect to general damages.

    Step 2: Determine What You Should Be Compensated For

    There are many things you should consider when determining what you should be compensated for. It is not always easy to figure out how this car accident will impact you for the rest of your life. Here is a list of some things to consider when determining the actual cash value of general damages to be paid in car insurance claims.

    • Loss of income
    • Medical care
    • Permanent physical injury and/or deformity
    • Emotional loss; stress, depression, embarrassment
    • Damaged property

    Step 3: Properly Organize all Documentation

    You are going to need as much documentation as possible to prove your claim. You will need all medical appointments documented. You may even consider recording your doctor visits on a tape recorder so you do not need to rely completely on the doctor’s notes. Keep track of each form of communication that involves this car insurance claim.

    Step 4: Use an Auto Insurance Calculator

    You can find auto insurance calculators online to help you determine the cost of the general damages. There are different kinds of calculators. Try several to make sure you are claiming the actual cash value for car insurance claims. Some of the totals you can obtain are:

    • Past losses with interest
    • Future losses
    • Variable lifetime costs
    • Loss of earnings
    • Fatality costs for surviving spouse and dependents

    Step 5: Hire an Attorney

    Yes, Step 5 is hiring an attorney after you have completed all of this work. This way you are prepared for the attorney and educated regarding what is realistic for you. Also you have already done a lot of leg work that can reduce your attorney fees. Remember to document all conversations with your attorney as well and request all directives in writing.

    Step 6: File Your Car Insurance Claim

    You are now ready to file your car insurance claim and you know what to expect that they will pay for general damages and losses. When the car insurance company comes back with a settlement offer you will know whether you are getting a fair amount or not and can respond accordingly. Educating yourself is half the work in determining many factors. The decision usually is not difficult after you know all the angles. Defining the actual cash value for general damages gives you some leverage with the car insurance company.