• Best Auto Insurance Companies for First Time Drivers

    The best auto insurance for first time drivers can be difficult to find. With no driving record, first time drivers will inevitably pay more for car insurance. Shopping around for the best deal is the answer. Using an insurance comparison site will give a good indication of the amount different companies will demand. Expect to pay plenty, especially for teenage car insurance.

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    Progressive has a very good reputation for offering the best auto insurance, and will offer policies to first time drivers. With a good driving record, the amount paid for insurance will decrease rapidly.


    Geico is another excellent insurance company that will deal with first time drivers. Even though rates will be higher than for experienced drivers, after a few years with no accidents, rates will fall, especially when drivers reach 25 years of age.


    Safeco is well regarded as one of the best auto insurance companies. They do a great deal of work with first time drivers and will give a very fair deal to those who are looking for auto insurance. Inevitably, even with Safeco, first time drivers will pay more for car insurance.


    A long-established insurance company, Travelers will give some very fair deals to first time drivers. Those rates will keep coming down year by year as long as the driver shows a good driving record, without tickets or accidents.


    Known as the good hands people, Allstate is one of the country’s biggest car insurance companies and will offer some of the best auto insurance to first time drivers.