• Baja Car Insurance: Coverage When Traveling Abroad

    Before any trip can be taken to Mexico it is best to make certain that the Baja Insurance Coverage is in full affect and documents are tucked safely away in the good old glove box. The best way to make sure that the trip is a safe and happy and adventurous one is to learn a few tips and entrust that your trip will be uneventful in case of emergencies. Learn these all important driving tips; speed limits are stated in kilometers as 1 mile is really 1.6 kilometers, yellow lights are a signal to stop, not just to slow down and this is quite different than in the home country of the united States. You can actually get a ticket for taking a right on red although you will see many drivers doing it anyway. Do not be one of those that feel that since they are in Mexico they can break the law, they cannot and they can be ticketed. In many cases, the “fast lane” is a passing lane only so you should move back over into the slow lane once you pass someone.

    Safety Is the Key to a Good Well-Rounded Trip

    The insurance policy that needs to be purchased must have all the necessary provisions such as liability, comprehensive and collision, theft and uninsured motorist. The UM provision is of great importance as this is where the most trouble is gotten into in the country as hardly anyone has any type of insurance south of the border. In a country as large and as varied as Mexico the amount of driving that one will have to accomplish makes insurance as necessary as headlights on a dark and lonely Mexican highway. There are many other safety features that should be read over and really learned before embarking into the adventure of a lifetime.

    Coverage Options

    There are many types of policies that can be of great benefit while travelling abroad and since Mexico can be accessed totally by vehicle this creates a big and expansive market. Baja Car Insurance is one of the best insurers and actually can provide much more than just the insurance products. The company offers all types of information that will make the trip to Mexico safer and easier. The itinerary assistant that is on the site is very beneficial to the traveler that could use a little direction and assistance in seeing all the great and marvelous sights that are in Mexico.

    Last Minute Details

    Although it is great to have a jam-packed insurance policy with all the bells and whistles the insurance is only a small piece of the trip supplies that must be accumulated. A cell phone with a back-up battery should also be carried along. A last minute item that is normally forgotten is to make sure that a phone number is left for those that need to get in touch with you for checking up purposes. The trip will be great if you prepare properly.