• What are the Average Savings for a Teen AAA Car Insurance Quote with a Good Student Discount?

    If you’re a teenage driver, or if your child is a teen and is planning on driving a vehicle under your insurance plan, you’ll need to get a AAA car insurance quote if you’re a AAA insurance member. Keep in mind that valid and current car insurance is required for all drivers in the United States, and if your child isn’t officially insured under your plan, he or she can face severe penalties if caught driving without insurance. In some cases, you’ll find it’s easy to add your child to your insurance plan. In other situations, it may be easiest to get a new driving insurance quote altogether and start over with a new plan. AAA insurance has a reputation for working with families and providing a good student discount for children that maintain good grades. This can help to lower the costs of your insurance plan, which will usually increase after you add a child to your coverage program.

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    Securing a Good Student Discount with AAA Auto Insurance

    The cost of adding a child to your insurance plan can be very high. While it’s not entirely fair, especially considering that many teenage drivers are conscientious and careful, the overall high rate of accidents amongst teen drivers means that insurance companies across the board consider adding a child to an insurance coverage plan to be a risk. The result is that the cost of your insurance premiums will increase. The exact increase amount will depend upon several factors, including your child’s previous driving history (if applicable), the type of car that he or she will be driving and your location, amongst other things.

    AAA offers a student discount for any student that maintains a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better. This is applicable to high school students. Thus, in order to be eligible for the good student discount, you’ll need to present your insurance agent with an updated copy of your child’s transcript. Most agents require you update them with a new copy of the transcript every term or semester, though you may be able to provide the transcript once per year.

    Discount Amounts

    The student discount through AAA insurance is generally good for up to 15 percent of the cost of the increase in your insurance premiums. Because the cost of these premiums changes dramatically depending upon your location and situation, it is difficult to determine an estimate for how much money you stand to save. However, insurance costs generally increase by a couple of hundred dollars per month to over a thousand dollars per month. So you stand to save up to hundreds of dollars per month off of the costs of your insurance premiums if your child is eligible for a good student discount through AAA.

    For exact requirements and benefits in your area, consult with your local AAA insurance agent. Some other insurance companies also provide a similar discount as well.