• Auto Insurance Premiums: Is Your Rate too High?

    Auto insurance premiums are a necessity of life, but how do you know if you are currently paying to much. It is a good idea to go insurance shopping at least once a year to make sure that you are still getting the best rates available.

    Comparison Shop

    Do some comparison shopping once a year to compare your current rates to other insurance agencies. While insurance shopping is not the most exciting thing to do, it is now fairly easy thanks to the Internet. All of the major companies have quotes available online; simply plug in your information and the website will give you a quote. If you want to save some time, check insurance aggregators like insure.com which will provide you with quotes from a number of insurance companies.

    When shopping for insurance it is a good idea to check with local agents as well. If you belong to a credit union or other associations you can often qualify for lower rates by buying through them. AAA also offers discounted insurance for is members.

    Apples to Apples

    When you are comparison shopping, make sure you are getting quotes on the exact same coverage you currently have. If there is a huge difference in rates, double check that you are comparing apples to apples.


    Check with your insurer and make sure you are taking advantage of all of their current discounts. If you receive quotes that are considerably better then your current rate, it will often pay to call your insurer and see if they can match the lower quotes if you stay with them. Let your insurance company know if your situation changes at all. A new address or shorter commute to work can often lead to lower premiums.

    Shopping for auto insurance can be a bit of a chore but comparison shopping once a year can possibly save you hundreds of dollars a year.