• Auto Insurance Options for When You Can’t Get Approved

    You always have auto insurance options, even if every car insurance company has thus far turned you down. If this is the case, getting auto insurance becomes a process of digging deeper for what is still available to you. Mandatory car insurance is on just about every state’s law books, so by law there has to be somewhere you can turn to get insured, although the standard companies may have rejected your application.

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    Risk Assessment

    Car insurance is all about assessing risk, so if insurer after insurer has refused to approve your request for insurance, chances are it’s because you are deemed too high a risk. The reasons for this are numerous. Perhaps you have too many DMV points on your driving record. Those accrue when you have too many accidents or traffic citations. Long periods of being uninsured don’t look good to an insurer. Additionally, your age, the neighborhood in which you live and the type of car you drive may factor in to the rejection. Young drivers trying to get their own insurance sometimes have problems, as do drivers of high performance, expensive-to-insure automobiles.

    Your Options

    If you have been turned down for car insurance, keep looking. You have to realize that it may cost you more because of the risk you pose, but there are high-risk insurers who will offer you the coverage required by law. These companies may be branches of the big insurers, or they could be independent. Either way, they are in the business of higher risk and will probably find a way to cover you.

    Your last resort is what is known as a state assigned risk pool. For drivers who have nowhere else to turn and have been rejected a minimum number of times, the states require that insurance companies make insurance available to them. The state effectively assigns risk to these companies who are bound to insure a certain number of drivers. The rates will be higher, but you will be covered.

    There is always a way to get your car insured, even if you’ve been turned down several times. Look into your options, and although you may end up paying more because of the risk you pose, you will get covered.

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