• Auto Coverage: Will Insurance Reimburse for a Car Seat

    Booster seats are essential for a child’s safety in a vehicle, but will insurance reimburse for a car seat? Many states require children under the age of four to travel in car seats in the back of the vehicle, while kids from four to six have to travel in child restraint systems, including a booster seat.

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    There are safety guidance manuals which state that car seats that have been through an accident have to be replaced, even if there are no visible damage marks. While there are no commonplace tests that can be done on car seats that have been in accidents to check if they are in perfect shape, labs conduct tests that destroy the seats. Therefore, no matter the extent of damage, car seats have to be replaced. The question is whether replacement of car seats will be covered under the insurance policy. Few companies in the U.S. will replace car seats, because they consider them to be car accessories. Most companies require you to have comprehensive accident insurance coverage to replace car seats.

    In Britain, Sainsbury’s Bank and Norwich Union are examples of insurance companies that replace car seats as part of their normal motor insurance claims.

    It has to be understood that car seats are made of plastic and thus have expiry dates. There are some insurance companies that replace car seats that have expired as part of their insurance coverage plan if you have a liability policy, while others will only replace car seats if you have a comprehensive and collision coverage policy with them.