• Allstate Auto Insurance Quote vs. Allstate Safe Driver Insurance Quote

    If you wish to obtain an Allstate auto insurance quote, you need to bear in mind certain important considerations. When shopping for auto insurance, its best to compare quotes offered by major auto insurers in the US. Every insurance company will assess your risk factor based on different criteria. Hence, there’s a big difference in the auto insurance rates offered by various companies. Allstate is one such insurance company that offers different types of coverage options namely the value package, the standard policy, the gold package and the platinum package. Since the cost of insurance also increases by nearly 30 percent if you’ve been in an accident, you should consider selecting a package that offers you accident forgiveness. You have to also bear in mind that the cheapest auto insurance quote available, isn’t necessarily the best coverage. Thus in order to find the package that’s best for you, compare the insurance cost and coverage provided by each policy.

    Allstate Auto Insurance vs. Safe Driver Insurance

    Allstate offers auto insurance in terms of liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical payments coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Although you can customize your policy to include the type of coverage you choose, you may be eligible for discounted auto insurance quotes if you have been a safe driver. Moreover, if you’re 55 years of age or over, you will be eligible for discounted rates if you attend a defensive driver program. Apart from this, if your car is equipped with certain anti-theft devices, you will get a further rate reduction. Although these safe driver insurance quotes are more economical, drivers have to meet certain criteria to qualify as safe drivers. On the other hand, if you have points on your driving record, you could still purchase auto insurance from Allstate, but your rates may be slightly higher. When comparing safe driver insurance quotes with a standard auto insurance quote, make sure you read the fine print listed on both offers, so that you understand your entitlements. Although accident forgiveness is offered to safe drivers, you may be charged a slightly higher monthly rate than the rate offered to you on a value package. You have to thus weigh these terms and conditions before deciding on the type of coverage you want.

    Safe Driving Bonus

    As a safe driver you could also benefit from the safe driving bonus offered by Allstate. The company pays you a check of up to 5 percent of your insurance premium if you’ve been free from any accidents, every 6 months. However there may be certain eligibility criteria that you have to meet in order to avail of this optional feature.

    Getting a Good Quote

    Before researching your auto insurance options, make sure you have good driving history or make attempts to clear points off your record by attending a driver improvement course. Shop around for quotes from at least 3 insurance companies before making a choice. Moreover, you could be eligible for low rates if you use the same insurance company for your home and auto insurance needs or if you insure 2 or more vehicles with the same insurer. To get a quick Allstate car insurance quote, visit them online, click on the auto insurance quote tab and enter your zip code. If you want an accurate quote you will have to enter all your personal information. Alternatively, you could get a ballpark estimate by entering few relevant details.

    Since online offers are subject to change, make sure you complete your insurance payment if you’ve got a good deal. However, it’s beneficial to carefully read the clauses stated on the auto insurance contract so that you know if you’re completely protected or not.