• Accidental Death? Why You Need an Auto Insurance Lawyer

    If you are involved in an accidental death whether that person is in another vehicle or your own, then you may want to seek the assistance of an auto insurance lawyer. An auto insurance lawyer is similar to a personal injury attorney. First of all, you should know what an accidental death is and see if you have a wrongful death case to pursue. Second, why isn’t term life insurance enough? Finally you need to know the reasons why you should hire an auto insurance lawyer to help with your accidental death claim.

    What Can Be Defined as an Accidental Death?

    An accidental death is when another person caused the unlikely death of another individual. Naturally, if the accident would not have happened then that person would still be alive. Due to the negligence of the person at fault, the victim is now deceased. One common accidental death would be pedestrian accidents. For example, a pedestrian is in the crosswalk and crossing the street following the traffic signal, yet a motorist runs a red light or does not yield to the pedestrian.

    Pedestrian accidents are unfortunate and are considered an accidental death. Often times the family feels as though some kind of justice should be served even if there was no malicious crime involved. The family would want to obtain an auto accident lawyer to help pursue this justice. The cost of the funeral and ongoing pain and suffering can amount to a large sum of money. The victim may or may not carry life insurance that can assist the family with the cost of that death.

    Term Life Insurance and Accidental Death Insurance

    While some people may hold term life insurance with accidental death, it often is not enough to cover funeral expenses and caring for those that are left behind. A surviving spouse and/or children can experience additional pain and suffering. Hiring an auto insurance lawyer will help you achieve some form of justice and monetary value.

    Most wrongful death cases would be tried in a civil courtroom and having a personal injury attorney will help you obtain the claim that you are seeking. Some people may try to settle outside of court but even then you will want to have the attorney to help you determine a dollar amount that is reasonable.  

    Reasons You Need an Auto Insurance Lawyer

    Beside the general reasons for obtaining an attorney for the accidental death case, you may consider using an attorney to help you for the following reasons.

    • Statute of Limitations: Each state has a statute of limitations that you can file on an accidental death. An attorney will ensure that you meet all of these requirements.
    • Gather Evidence: At the time of an accidental death, most families are quite distraught and it is difficult for them to gather the evidence needed to prove the accidental death. The attorney will be able to complete that work for you.
    • Negotiation Assistance: The defendant’s attorney and insurance adjuster are going to be solid negotiators trying to minimize the issue at hand and you could often walk out of the court room with nothing. Let your attorney negotiate on your behalf. This is their profession. Let the attorneys work it out so you can obtain the most from your claim.

    The auto insurance lawyer, also known as a personal injury lawyer, will be able to help you obtain justice and the monetary value out of the accidental death of your passenger. Let your attorney help you through these trying times and negotiate the best possible settlement for you.