• What you Need to Know About Car Movers Insurance

    Whether you’re moving to a different state or across the country, if you use a car moving company, it will be a great idea to obtain car mover’s insurance. Usually, it’s the car moving company’s responsibility to provide insurance for your vehicle. Once you have your mover choice made, here are 6 things you need to know to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle while it’s in transit.

    Ask for Quotes and Certificates of Insurance

    Make a short list of three to five moving companies to use. Request quotes from these companies, and choose the ones that look best to you. Keep in mind the quotes that came back the quickest and look the most professional. Request all the insurance information that these companies have. This includes certificates of insurance and coverage information. Make personal inquiries as to what kind of coverage they carry and whether they insure the vehicle while it’s being driven by their driver, to and from the pick-up and drop-off points.

    Inquire about Deductibles

    While you’re requesting the insurance information from your short listed transport companies, request any information they have about deductibles that their coverage may require. Some companies try to save on insurance premiums by purchasing policies with higher deductibles. Remember, these deductibles have to be paid by you, the customer. If possible, choose companies that don’t require a deductible from the customer.

    Read the Fine Print

    You don’t want to pick up your car only to find that a bird struck the windshield and broke it, showering the interior of your vehicle with mess, only to find out something like this isn’t covered by the transport company’s insurance policy. Read all of the provided information carefully.

    Ask What Your Policy Covers

    Call your agent or the customer service number for your insurance company and ask questions. Find out if your car is covered while in transport. Ask what exactly will be covered in case a claim needs to be filed. Find out what sort of notification they require before your car is actually moved by a transport company.

    Perform a Complete Inspection of Your Vehicle

    Remove anything from the vehicle that isn’t normally found in a car, including tools, car seats, portable stereos or radios and articles of clothing. There are two main reasons for this; the extra weight could end up damaging parts of your car’s undercarriage or the exhaust system. The other reason is that most moving insurance doesn’t cover these items in case of loss or damage. Walk around the car and make physical note of any damage already present, if any. This means written and photographic note, if possible. The more pictures you take the better.

    Special Points to Remember when Moving Abroad

    There are certain things you need to do when moving abroad. One of the most important things to do is to make an itemized inventory of your vehicle. Note what kind of stereo, wheels, tires and optional accessories you have. Have the car appraised. Make sure the company you choose is properly licensed and bonded both in the US and in your destination country. If you’re moving overseas, make sure the company is licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary. Reputable companies will be both licensed and bonded with the Commission.