• Frequently Asked GEICO Auto Insurance Questions

    In order to find out if your GEICO auto insurance quote is a good deal, you need to shop around for auto insurance and review the coverage and insurance rates offered by other insurers. You also need to find out which factors influence your auto insurance rates and how you can change certain factors to be eligible for lower insurance premiums. If you’re an educated buyer you will be able to get maximum coverage at an affordable price. It’s thus advisable to find out answers to the frequently asked questions regarding GEICO auto insurance.

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    How Much Money Will I Save with GEICO Car Insurance?

    When shopping for insurance, consider using the same company, (in this case GEICO) for all your insurance needs. You will be eligible for discounted rates if you choose to insure your car and home, or or more vehicles on the same policy. Moreover if you renew your policy with GEICO, you may qualify for a discount of up to 30 percent. You should also be aware of GEICO promotional sales that are offered a few times each year. If you purchase auto insurance when these sales are offered, you will save a good sum of money.

    How do I get a Quote?

    If you wish to obtain a quote, research their website or contact a GEICO agent in person at an office in your area. Getting a quote online is the fastest. You will have to enter your personal information and fill out other pertinent details. It’s best to be as precise as possible when filling out your information, so you get an accurate quote.

    How do I Make Payments?

    GEICO allows you to choose your own payment plan. You could either opt to pay your bill in full or choose to make payments in varying installments. You can also choose from other payment methods made available. Policyholders are allowed to set up automatic payments to make sure the premiums are paid on time. Alternatively, GEICO allows you to make payments online, mail or by phone.

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    Does my Premium Increase after an Accident?

    If you’ve been in an accident, you won’t necessarily face an increase in the premium charged. The company will send a liability assessor to determine the extent of damage involved and calculate the payout they make towards your claim. After these factors are taken into consideration, you will be provided with a new policy. However, if you’ve signed up for accident forgiveness, you will not have to pay a high premium after your first accident.

    What is the Claims Filing Process?

    GEICO is known for its quick claims handling process. After your report an accident, a liability assessor will review the vehicle’s condition. Since the company has a 24-hour customer service facility, the claim could be settled in as little as 48 hours. Once the damage is assessed, your money will be sent to you in the form of a check, at the earliest.

    It’s important to make note of all these facts before choosing GEICO as your insurance provider. You must also read the fine print on your insurance agreement so you’re well aware of your entitlements and restrictions, if any.