• 5 Best Commercial Auto Insurance Companies for Insurance Quotes

    If you’re shopping for commercial auto insurance to safeguard your business vehicles, you need to research some of the quotes offered by major companies in the US. Each state requires drivers of commercial vehicles to carry a certain amount of insurance coverage. Before shopping for commercial auto insurance, make sure you review these regulations on your state DMV website. The cheapest insurance quote doesn’t necessarily offer you complete protection. In order to make sure that your investments are protected, compare quotes offered by different insurers and read the fine print carefully, to better understand your entitlements and coverage limits, if any.

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    1. State Farm

    This company allows you to insure different types of business vehicles like delivery vans, private passenger cars and other vehicles used to run various businesses. They offer different coverage options that suit your budget and business insurance needs. If you choose to use State Farm for your other insurance purposes, you will be eligible for discounted rates. To obtain a commercial insurance quote, visit them online and find an agent close to you. You may be required to equip yourself with pertinent information about your business, in order to get an accurate quote.

    2. Nationwide Insurance

    This is another major auto insurer in the US. To get an instant commercial auto insurance quote, you can call their toll free number. Alternatively, you could find an agent located in your area by visiting them online.

    3. Progressive

    Progressive offers a free auto insurance quote that’s generated based on the information you provide. Commercial vehicle insurance coverage they provide includes tow truck insurance, dump truck insurance, van and truck insurance, pickup truck insurance and more. The company also offers several discounts and flexible payment options that can help you manage your business with relative ease.

    4. Geico

    Research Geico to find a commercial auto insurance plan to help you run your business. You could either ask for a quote online or contact a Geico agent to request one. Geico is known for its efficient claims handling process and flexible payment schedules. Since it’s best to compare the rates offered by several insurers, research Geico before making your choice.

    5. GMAC Insurance

    GMAC Insurance offers competitive rates on commercial vehicle insurance. They offer liability, comprehensive, collision and medical payment coverage options. To get a free quote, visit them online or call a GMAC insurance agent.

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    It’s important to purchase commercial auto insurance if you’re running a business that requires the use of two or more vehicles. This will ensure that you don’t have to bear the cost of expensive vehicle repairs if your business vehicle or driver has been in an accident. Before signing the auto insurance contract, read all the clauses listed on it. It’s also beneficial to use the help of an online quote comparison tool to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing auto insurance from any particular company. Apart from this, make sure that the insurance company has a strong financial standing along with a high customer satisfaction rating.