• 4 Steps to Commercial Car Insurance

    Business owners who have the need for a business automobile know how important finding good commercial car insurance coverage is for the safety of its employers. Self-employed people are also able to purchase commercial car insurance to protect the cars and trucks used for business purposes. Once you understand what type of coverage you need, the steps below will help you find the commercial car insurance to fit those needs.

    How to Get Commercial Car Insurance

    1. Gather Information

    So that an insurance company can give you a proper quote, you have to gather all the information the insurance company needs. Some of this information includes types of coverage you need like liability, collision/comprehensive, and rental. Information also needed includes all drivers license numbers, driving history, your current policy, VIN numbers for all vehicles and the estimated yearly mileage.

    2. Search for Multiple Quotes

    Get as many quotes as you can to compare and choose the right one to fit your needs. You can do this by going to any Internet search engine, type “Commercial Car Insurance Quote” and click “Search”. The pages that follow will have a list of many commercial insurance carriers from which to choose. Normally, the most popular get listed first such as Nationwide, Allstate, and Geico. Get as many quotes as possible to make a good comparison.

    3. Getting a Quote

    From your Internet search, start selecting insurance companies and put in all the information they ask for to give you a quote. As you select each company, make sure they offer the types of insurance coverage you are looking for. Also, before applying, check each company with the Better Business Bureau to see it is listed and in good standing. Once you have put in all your information, request the quote and wait. Be sure, when you are applying for a quote to tell each one you are shopping around for the best deal. If each company knows you are shopping around, they will be more likely to give you the best deal possible. While asking for a quote, also ask about any discounts each company has to offer. You also have the option of calling each company for a quote. Sometimes the personal touch makes a big difference.

    4. Choose Your Company

    It might take a couple of days for all the companies you choose to respond with a quote so just be patient and wait. Once you receive all the quotes, compare them to see which one best suits your needs. When you make a decision of which company to go with, visit them in person for the final signing of the contract.

    Make sure you know what you need as insurance sales agents will try to convince you to buy more. To help you get the lowest quotes possible, having a good driving record and making sure all the drivers covered also have good driving records, is essential.