• 4 Steps for Getting Kit Car Insurance

    If you are planning on building your very own custom kit car, kit car insurance will keep your project covered from start to finish. This special car insurance protects your kit car from the time it’s in individual pieces until it is roadworthy, and beyond. Be aware that kit car insurance constitutes a fairly high risk coverage, so you should expect to spend quite a bit of money to insure your vehicle.

    Step 1: Understand the Kit Car Process

    A kit car may be thought of as a model car, except that it is life sized and fully functional. The pieces must be shipped to yousometimes across the country, or internationallyand then it is up to you to put them together. As you can imagine, every piece must be individually insured before it is ever shipped to ensure that you are not stuck paying for a part which is damaged or that you never receive. Kit car insurance can also insure your car for the road once it is ready to be driven.

    Step 2: Check the Kit Car Company

    Assuming that you already know the kit car you want to purchase and the parts supplier or suppliers that you are getting the pieces from, you may be able to secure insurance through the parts suppliers or from insurance providers who are affiliated with them. Contact your kit car supplier to inquire about available insurance. Some forms of kit car insurance may only insure the parts until you receive them, while other types of insurance will cover your entire project, so make sure you know which you want and mention it to the person you contact. Save any contact information which you are given so you can contact these companies later.

    Step 3: Look for Kit Car Insurance Providers

    Kit car insurance may also be called Collector car insurance or Hobbyist car insurance, which have numbers of providers. You can look for insurance from well known names like Progressive or GEICO, or else look for insurance companies which solely provide kit insurance. A list of links to companies which provide kit car insurance may be found here.

    Step 4: Get Quotes and Compare

    You can contact insurance companies of your choice online to get obligation-free quotes on insuring your car. You will need to decide if you want full coverage from shipping to assembly to being on the road, or if you only want to insure the shipping and worry about getting driving coverage once the project is complete. You will need to contact companies on an individual basis to see which option would be less expensive for you. You will also need to be aware of any stipulations imposed by kit car insurance as opposed to regular insurance – for example, kit car insurance usually allows only up to a certain small number of miles per year.

    When all of this is completed, it’s a simple matter to pick out the best deal for you and contact an insurance agent to walk through the process of actually getting insurance. Kit car insurance is pricey, but your completed car will be worth it.