• 4 Car Insurance Questions You Must Ask

    Ask the insurance agent as many car insurance questions as possible to help you understand your policy in more detail. You should also ask questions that will help you determine what kind of insurance you should get. Ask if you qualify for any coverage discounts. Propose claim questions to help you understand the claim process. Be sure to have your agent explain the reviews and quotes in detail to you. You may not get the information you need unless you ask these very important car insurance questions.

    Question 1: What Types of Car Insurance Should I Get?

    There are several different types of car insurance coverage that can be on your overall insurance policy and you want to make sure you decipher your needs from the excess. The more you talk with your agent about your situation, the more they can help you obtain the correct coverage. As the insured you will want to take responsibility in sharing your needs to get the policy that will be the most benefit to you.

    Question 2: What Do You Offer for Coverage Discount?

    Different insurance companies offer coverage discounts. For example some insurance companies will offer a discount to students that maintain a certain GPA. You may also get a discount for taking a safety course through their company. The most common coverage discount is multiple product discounts. If you purchase renters or home owners insurance you may be eligible for a discount on your overall policy. In addition, if you have multiple cars on the policy you will be eligible for this coverage discount.

    Question 3: What Claims Do You Offer?

    What is my role in the claim process if I were to get into an accident if I were at fault and if I were not at fault? What is your role as my agent if I were to get into a car accident? What should I expect during the claims process? These are details that you want to know if an accident were to occur. Asking as many claim questions as possible can only benefit you.

    Question 4: Explain to Me What is in the Reviews and Quotes

    When you are shopping for insurance you want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. From one agent to the next you should ensure you are using the same exact coverage details with all the different kinds of insurance you may purchase. This is why it is important for the agent to completely discuss the reviews and quotes. It will not make sense to go to another company and obtain reviews and quotes from them and then find out they are using different coverage plans because the quotes will not be comparable.

    As you can see, asking as many car insurance questions as possible is important in making the decision of going with a specific company. You want to know you are covered for all the needs your situation may require.