• 3 Tips for Seniors When Buying Car Insurance

    If you’re a senior citizen, you may have different needs in a car insurance policy than younger drivers and may be able to benefit from some useful car insurance tips designed especially for senior citizens. So, here are some tips on things to consider when purchasing your next car insurance policy.

    Take Advantage of Policy Extras

    You might want to seriously consider optional policy coverage items like rental car coverage and roadside assistance. For senior citizens, roadside assistance coverage can help avoid a lengthy walk on the highway when a car breaks down the side of the road. Also, many senior citizens will find the protection afforded by rental car coverage convenient in the event of an accident.

    Don’t Over Insure Your Vehicle

    If you drive an older vehicle, make sure that you’re not over insuring the vehicle by paying costly comprehensive collision premiums on a vehicle that may be worth less than the amount of your annual insurance premium. In some cases, you may want to simply choose liability insurance coverage and pay damage costs for your vehicle as they are needed.

    Consider a Higher Deductible

    If you are a senior citizen on a fixed or limited monthly income, choosing a higher deductible for your car insurance can help you save money every month. Instead of the standard $100 deductible, consider choosing deductible amount of $200 or $500. The amount of money you save on your monthly insurance payments will generally be far more than the amount of the increased deductible.