• 3 Common Travel Car Insurance Policies

    There are travel car insurance policies available for motorists. 3 such programs are temporary car insurance, rental car insurance and insurance offered through AAA, which is the American Automotive Association. Each of these travel car insurance policies are discussed in more detail below.

    Temporary Car Insurance

    Temporary insurance policies are used by travelers who operate vehicles that they do not own. These policies can be purchased in conjunction with rental car insurance policies, which are discussed below. The cost for temporary car insurance may be more expensive than a regular insurance policy but provide benefits that are short-term; usually up to 6-months.Many insurance companies sell temporary car insurance policies. These can be applied for at the time a traveler needs the coverage when using a temporary vehicle. However, a purchaser of a temporary car insurance policy should investigate to see if they may be able to add a rider to their current auto insurance policy for travel vehicles. This may save some of the costs associated with purchasing a temporary car insurance plan.

    Rental Car Insurance

    Rental car insurance, which was mentioned above, can be purchased when renting a car for a trip. This coverage is specific for the period in which you use the rental and expires when the rental agreement ends. This coverage is usually not as expensive as temporary car insurance and can be purchased for a couple of dollars, relative to the price of the rental.A rental car insurance policy is useful for a renter who does not have protection provided through their credit card or a part of their auto insurance policy. The cost for rental car insurance is usually not prohibitive and can be purchased by anyone who uses a rental car.

    AAA Insurance

    AAA is a membership organization that offers travel insurance coverage for its members. In order to purchase AAA travel insurance, you need to be a member of the organization and pay dues to qualify. AAA, which is a known entity for travelers, provides quality coverage that meets the needs of vacationers and other travelers. Having an AAA insurance policy gives a traveler piece of mind when using a vehicle they do not own.

    These options and others provide a way for travelers to take care of their insurance needs. A motorist that is need of travel insurance should investigate these and other options that may be available. A traveler should also check to make sure that purchasing such coverage does not duplicate what they may have through their regular auto insurance or credit card.