• 21st Century Car Insurance: Common User Reviews

    21st Century Car Insurance, formerly known as AIG, is a large and successful company. Unfortunately, this doesn’t automatically mean that its customer base is happy or well cared for. When searching for insurance quotes on the web from multiple sources, you really want to consider the reviews to see how your insurance provider stacks up against others like GEICO and State Farm. For some of the most common user reviews about 21st Century Car Insurance, just check out the following.

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    “It’s Cheap… and It Shows”

    21st Century Insurance is known to have very competitive rates when it comes to insuring your car, which is likely part of the reason it’s so successful. Unfortunately, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” truly seems to apply in this case. Customers have complained vehemently about poor overall customer service, indifferent and unhelpful customer support staff, long wait times for no results and being treated like a number instead of a person. If you just want the minimum price possible on minimum insurance so you can drive legally, 21st Century Insurance might be for you. Just don’t count on ever receiving help from them if anything does happen.

    “Nice Website, No Problems”

    The 21st Century Insurance website is clean and professional in appearance. It’s easy to navigate, and conveniently allows for quick online bill paying. However, there are plenty of other insurance providers with nice websites, so the layout should hardly be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing an insurer. More significantly, there are a few people who attest that they’ve dealt with 21st Century in the wake of auto accidents and had absolutely no problem in getting appropriate compensation.

    “Rates Are Skyrocketing”

    21st Century Insurance has been steadily increasing their rates, especially to people who fall into a “high risk” profession. For certain professionals judged to be low risk (teachers, doctors), the rates are quite low indeed. However, people who work in a higher risk occupation will find that 21st Century Insurance is more expensive than they’d anticipated. 21st Century also has a very low tolerance for accidents, and will dramatically increase your rates should you make a mistake on the road.

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    “Ruined My Life”

    While this may be a little bit of an extreme statement, there’s no doubt that some of 21st Century Insurance’s business practices are questionable and often leave the people whom they insure in the dust. Numerous complaints have been filed about 21st Century’s failure to pay up even when they are clearly obligated to do so, resulting in drawn-out court cases with no satisfactory resolution.

    According to customer reviews, 21st Century Insurance is really a hit-or-miss kind of insurance provider. Some people, especially low risk professionals, are quite happy with the rates and service they receive. However, the majority of reviews are negative, with big complaints about customer service and lack of compensation. Read some reviews for yourself and carefully consider whether it’s worthwhile to risk the negatives with 21st Century Auto Insurance.