• 2 Insurance Companies that Have Accident Forgiveness

    There are several insurance companies that offer accident forgiveness programs to their policyholders. These programs help drivers that are involved in an accident retain their insurance rates by forgiving an accident that may be involved. 2 such companies that offer these programs are Nationwide Auto Insurance and Progressive Auto Insurance.

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    Nationwide Auto Insurance

    Nationwide Auto Insurance offers an accident forgiveness program for an insured who is involved in an accident. The company will not raise rates after a policyholder is involved in their first at-fault accident. This program also extends to teenage drivers that are listed on the same insurance policy.

    In order to qualify for the program, a policyholder must have been a Nationwide policyholder for at least 5 years. Also, a Nationwide policyholder must be accident-free for a period of 3 years prior to the first accident in order to receive forgiveness.

    Progressive Auto Insurance

    Progressive Auto Insurance provides an accident forgiveness program for its policyholders that have held a progressive auto insurance policy for 4 years or more. The policyholder has to have been accident-free for 3 years prior to the first at-fault accident that they are involved. When the accident happens, Progressive will not raise the policyholder’s rates, which can result in significant savings.

    Information about these accident forgiveness programs offered by either Progressive or Nationwide can be found on the respective company’s websites. You can also contact a licensed insurance agent that sells policies for these companies. An agent can provide more detailed information about the accident forgiveness programs.

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