• Why You Should Avoid a 6.5 Subwoofer: Understanding High Performance Data

    Getting a big sound in a smaller car leads many to try the 6” and 6.5” subwoofer. Brands keep trying to make the subwoofers increasingly smaller. As a result, in the last few years, the 6.5” subwoofers have become more popular because they require less surface area for installation. Here are some reasons you might want to avoid the 6.5” subwoofers:

    Too Small for Sound

    The main complaint with these is that they are too small of a subwoofer and cannot handle a strong low bass line and they get static sounds and have to turn it down which defeats the purpose of the investment.

    Need a Pair

    Most reviewers aren’t impressed with the size when they are underwhelmed by the subwoofer performance, and decide they have to buy another to properly fill even a small space.

    Lower Price at Higher Cost

    They aren’t made by all of the major brands, so people who want a 6.5” subwoofer have to pay whatever the price is. Those that are available cheaper don’t last long. So you end up replacing them anyway.

    Harder to Find

    You really have to shop around to get a 6.5” woofer, and especially one from a name you trust.

    Better Options

    Everyone makes an 8” subwoofer, so they are much more available, and reliable. Great brands can be found at almost the same price as a lower quality 6.5.” Buyers can always get an 8” in the same brand as the rest of their stereo. Everyone knows how and where to install them. For only 1.5” more of space, the advantages are huge.

    In general, the best choice is the 8” subwoofer for a smaller car. Going for a speaker that is only 1.5” smaller is not worth the cost of the search, quality and obscure brand. Avoid the 6.5” subwoofers if you can.